Exec Team Statement - Support and Solidarity for Free Education Action

Wednesday 15-11-2017 - 09:29
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The Officer Team here at Leeds Beckett Students’ Union would like to offer our support and solidarity to the Free Education action happening today, both locally and nationally.

We firmly believe in a publicly funded, fee-free, liberated education system and that is run in the public interest.

At 11:00 today there will be a rally outside the Leslie Silver Building (organised by Leeds Independent Socialists society), and we would strongly encourage all students who can attend to do so. This rally also coincides with a national demonstration happening in London, organised by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.

The fight for free education is now more important than ever, and also closer to succeeding than ever before.

The current system of £9250 a year fees, of unpayable debts averaging over £50,000, and imposed student poverty is rightly beginning to become politically toxic.

A truly free education system though is more than one without tuition fees. For education to truly be liberated is needs to be accessible to all, decolonised, and free from fear and state harassment.

Social and material barriers to engaging in education should be dismantled.

Our curriculums should not reinforce colonial mind-sets with Eurocentric reading lists, but instead where possible aim for a diversity of course content and perspectives, to help provide a richer and more global education. 

Students no matter their background should be able to study without living in fear of deportation, and free from persecution at the hands of the Government’s failing racist Prevent Strategy.   

Having free education within reach though demands we take action, rather than become complacent.

With that we applaud all students who are currently organising to liberate education, you have the full support of Leeds Beckett Students’ Union and the Officer Team.


President - Meg Robinson
VP Education - Jack Harrison
VP Equality & Diversity - Ro Sewell
VP Welfare & Community - Kelly-anne Watson
VP Activities - Aidan Thatcher


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