Exec Blog: The Last from Harry

Wednesday 28-06-2017 - 13:00

Well, that’s it for me. After two years as VP Activities, it’s time for me to finish at Leeds Beckett SU on Friday. I’ve clung on as much as I could, doing two full terms working alongside officers, societies, RAG, volunteering and BeMedia.

I’ve loved every day at Leeds Beckett Students’ Union (SU), I've made some great friends and seen some amazing students make their mark on this awesome University.

What have I got to show for my time at Leeds Beckett SU? I've worked on varsity media coverage, brought in the Beckett Award, society reward scheme, set up live streaming for student council, filmed nearly every big event at the Union, headed up the society forum helping all of our societies to do what they do best, encouraged students to run in elections to represent you in the future.

It has never been the same one day to the next, meetings with various University staff to the next one day and then the next dressing up as a banana… I can’t say that working in SUs isn’t varied.



I’ll miss working with BeMedia so much, I’ve been a part of them for four years as a producer, radio station manager and a show runner. I’ve made so many shows, brought in new students to create their own content. Of course not forgetting my Star Wars series with my good friend Tom Fish. I’ve overseen the rebrand of BeMedia, helped them get involved with varsity filming and promoting our Unis sports teams.

Working with two officer teams has shown me that students have got a lot to offer and have so much potential to change the world around them for the better, through their course, society, personal projects. Students will always continue to be awesome at everything they do, even if they don’t know it. When you come to leave Uni and go into the “real world” you’ll be able to make it your own without a doubt. If I can do it, you can do it better!



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