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Friday 19-10-2018 - 12:18
Charlie hidden fees

This Hallowe’en, it’s not the bleeding walls or walking undead that will send shivers down your spine; it’s the thought that something lurks in the fine print, consumes your very bank balance and haunts your desire not to pick up extra shifts just to make ends meet!

You would imagine that the £9,250 per year you pay for your course would cover all costs and overheads, right? We are hearing more and more from students confirming that this is just not the case, with some students citing up to £300 that they’re spending on events management! 

Hidden fees are costs that you are expected to pay in order to achieve a good degree (either a 2:1 or a 1st) that you didn’t know about before you started your course. This can include anything from extortionate textbooks, printing, or materials for arts courses to costs of organising an event on events management courses and everything in between.

These fees are making it harder and harder for students to get by on their courses; it’s a lose/lose situation. You either try to buy everything you need on your course and are penalised for it through the costs, or your grades suffer because you can’t afford to buy everything! The marketization of education, alongside the costs of living and sky high rents, are all part of a harsh government austerity that is driving students into having to work longer hours alongside their degree. 

That’s why I, as your VP Education, want to tackle this head on. I’ll be out talking to you about the hidden fees you’ve encountered on your course. Catch me at both campuses for a chat, and let’s put an end to hidden fees, an end to having to work alongside studying, and end to students being priced out of the education we’re entitled to! 


If you can't find me on campus, you can use our online form to tell us about the hidden fees you've encountered!


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