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Monday 06-11-2017 - 10:17
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I hope you’re all enjoying the mayhem of first semester, I can’t believe it’s getting dark at 4.30 already, where did summer go?!

So I thought I'd write this blog with some Q&As, to let you know about the housing campaign which we, the Students’ Union, are running this week: Don’t Let Yet!

Q:   What is the Don’t Let Yet campaign?
A:   Don’t Let Yet is a campaign to help encourage you not to let (sign up for a tenancy) too early!

Q:   What is involved in the campaign?
A:   Your Students’ Union, Unipol and Uni Accommodation will be doing door-knocking this week on Tuesday 7 - Thursday 9 November in Halls to speak you about: house hunting: when to start looking; where to start looking; and where you can get advice on tenancy agreements before signing.

Q:   When should students ideally start to look at signing up for tenancies?
A:   Unipol will release its full list of accredited properties on Saturday 20 January 2018. You should 100% sign up for this as it will give you the heads up on who the better landlords are to rent from. You can even sign up for the early release, which gets emailed to you before anyone else! www.unipol.org.uk/accommodation/house-hunting-in-leeds

Q:   What kind of things should students consider when looking at renting?
A:   Remember to make careful, sensible decisions (it’s easier said than done). Learn about the area you are moving to (research bars, restaurants and cool activities). Double check that it’s not miles away from university if you don’t do mornings! Also make sure you really know your friends, for better and for worse. Ask yourself questions like, will they be easy to live with? Do I trust them? Have they been a hassle for their house mates?
Please make sure you always think about these things before it’s too late - for example; my friend moved into her boyfriend’s house in second year. They had been dating for five months, which seemed like forever, but then one month in, she absolutely hated it. They ended up breaking up and she moved into my spare room, (still having to pay rent from the old place!). It was a right mess!

Q:   Is there anywhere I can get my tenancy agreement checked, before I sign?
A:   Whether you decide to wait until January, or if you’ve decided that now is the time, remember you can email in a copy of your tenancy agreement and any questions to suadvice@leedsbeckett.ac.uk or you can bring them in to a drop in session anytime you want. It’s super important that you do this before you sign or pay anything!! You will be gutted if it’s too late and you’ve made a bad decision. 

Q:   Where else can I get advice about renting?
A:   Check out the SU Advice Service's Tips and FAQs that will help answer any questions you might have AND to help you through the process.
I would also recommend checking out RATE YOUR LANDLORD too, it’s a cool tool to check what students who have actually lived there before, think about the house and landlord. Make sure you rate it yourself so you can help the next student out too (remember we are family)! 


You can also find all this information and more on our dedicated Housing webpages - leedsbeckettsu.co.uk/housing.

Also, make sure you come along to the Refreshers & Housing Fair on Thursday 1 February 2018 at The Stage, City Campus, where you can talk to dedicated professionals about your options. Good luck to you all! You will need it, stay strong, do your research and DON’T LET YET, unless you’re 110% sure you’ve got it in the bag. #DontLetYet


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