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Tuesday 10-10-2017 - 08:10
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The first Bright Ideas Day of the year is upon us, and that means it’s time for you to start making some changes to your university experience.

Student Bright Ideas is somewhere you can submit that way of making the university or Students’ Union better that you’ve been sitting on all summer. If it gets over 40+ up-votes, the Students’ Union will look at putting it into place for you (though unfortunately, we can’t do EVERYTHING).

A good example of a way that Bright Ideas has changed the university experience would be when a student last year submitted the idea that there should be microwaves around campus, so students could bring their own meals in to warm up. This got enough up-votes, and the SU worked with the university to bring microwaves to campus. They are now in the cafeteria in the Rose Bowl, and you can also find one in the SU at Headingley Campus. You can now heat up that leftover takeaway in between lectures!

As well as submitting an idea on Bright Ideas Day, you can also get involved by up-voting or down-voting the ideas currently on the website. Three currently on the website are submitted by our Exec Officers, so why not get over to the Bright Ideas section of the website and see what they’re planning for you – remember, they’re your Exec, you have the power to tell them you like or dislike their Ideas!

The SU will be in Broadcasting Place in City Campus, and in the Student Hub in Headingley Campus this Bright Ideas Day. You will be able to see us with our big orange banners and t-shirts, and we will be giving out free candy floss or popcorn to those of you who come and see us and get involved with Bright Ideas!

See you then!


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