Exec Blog: Are you ready to Give It A Go?

Monday 06-02-2017 - 10:00

At the risk of sounding cheesy, people more often than not regret the things they didn’t do, not the things they did, so with that in mind, why not Give it a Go (GIAG)?!

GIAG is all about encouraging you, the students, to immerse yourselves in new and exciting activities that are accessible to all, affordable (sometimes even free!), no on-going commitment and of course, a shed-load of fun.

Whether it’s volunteering for local charities and good causes, participating in your favourite sport or starting something completely new (Wheelchair Basketball anyone?) – there’s never a bad time to do something different. Even reigniting your passion for a hobby you enjoyed when you were younger can be a great way to curb your Netflix sofa sessions habit and boost your productivity and happiness.

It’s no secret that there are countless benefits to getting involved with extra-curricular activities and things outside your normal comfort zone. Whether it’s an improvement in your mental health or fitness level, through to having a bigger, stronger and more diverse social network, getting out there and ‘doing more’ reaps real rewards. Plus, whenever we can, the Students' Union aims to have student-lead activities and initiatives so everything planned has student’s interests in-mind. This brings us nicely onto our next point that the SU have arranged lots of trips for students to get involved in, including, wait for it… a trip to Amsterdam! We cannot wait and we hope you can’t either!

Amsterdam isn’t all we’ve got on the cards. For those wanting a change of scene a bit closer to home, we’ve also arranged day trips and activities in Leeds and the surrounding area, including York and a walking day in Saltaire. For anyone who wants to get involved and contribute to the local community, there are some volunteering events taking place throughout the Give It A Go launch week and beyond where students can help out and give back.

We’ve also got you covered if you’re fascinated by the world of media. If you have a general interest in the industry, want to develop a career in the field or just fancy donning a pair of supersize headphones and a microphone, why not head to our BeRadio day at the Headingley Campus Hub on 8 February to learn more about the broadcast industry. The Film Society are also hosting a couple of events in the week commencing 6 February, including a screening event and quiz for any film fanatics who know their Scorsese from their Spielberg.

If that still wasn’t already enough for you – Sport and Active Lifestyle are getting involved in Give It A Go too, providing a week of free sports to try out! With everything from American staples basketball and baseball on offer, novel sports like Korfball and Tchoukball and traditional favourites such as tennis all encouraging students to get involved – there’s something for everyone. Aced it.

Check out all the Give It A Go events here.




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