Disability History Month

Thursday 28-11-2019 - 16:29

Disability History Month is an annual event that runs from the 22nd  November until the 22nd December and aims to raise awareness of the disability rights movement and commemorate the achievements of disabled people.


Celebration of Disability History Month is important for students as disabled students make up a significant part of the student population. At Leeds Beckett University 14% of students declare having a disability, including specific learning difficulties, physical disabilities and mental health conditions. There are many more who choose not to disclose a disability to the University.


Disabled students have a reduced chance of obtaining a 1st  or 2:1 degree and generally have a lower satisfaction rate whilst at University. The impact of disability continues after education with disabled students having lower employment rates than non-disabled students.


All students should have an equal opportunity to thrive.


To ensure a fully inclusive and accessible University experience for disabled students University’s need to examine their accommodation provision as accessible halls tend to be more expensive. Adopt inclusive practices as standard, wherever possible so less reasonable adjustments are needed over time. For example, alternative assessment methods should be built into modules so disabled students can fully engage with their teaching and learning. – this will benefit all students, not only disabled students. 



Artwork: Deadpan - Jackson Castillo Evans


This year Tosin, Leeds Beckett Students’ Union Disabled Students’ Rep, has organised an art exhibition to celebrate the work of disabled artists.


The art exhibition intends to display the achievements of disabled artists whilst challenging the assumptions of disabled people’s abilities. Artists have submitted pieces that reflect their life as a disabled person as well as pieces that highlight the emotional and internal feelings related to disability.


The exhibition allows us to glance into the inner world of how other people with a disability interact with and experience the world around them.


The exhibition aims to:

  • raise questions about disability in the city of Leeds and as a student
  • raise awareness of both visible and hidden disabilities and conditions and how they impact daily life
  • ask whether art and culture can challenge society’s perceptions about disability
  • ask whether art can help us think about how people with a disability and chronic conditions interact with and experience the world around them


You can view the artwork in the Students’ Union Communal Space, Portland Building, City Campus until the 6th December.


Tosin, Disabled Students’ Rep


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