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Friday 03-02-2017 - 11:55
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By: Rosie Sewell (LGBTQ* Rep) & Kai De Gennaro (Trans* Rep)

On Tuesday 7 February, Leeds Beckett Students' Union are hosting their first campus-wide LGBTQ* Pride Festival in celebration of LGBTQ* History Month. This will be a great celebration of acceptance and love for all LGBTQ* identifying students at the University and a chance for all to get involved.

The aim of Campus Pride is to celebrate the diversity we have in our students, tackle discrimination and bring about awareness of some of the lesser known sexual orientations and gender identities.

All are welcome to join in the festivities on the day! Activities and events include workshops and performances, an LGBTQ* themed film night by the Film Society, volunteering and campaigning opportunities, a Scene Tour by the Equals Society, a LGBTQ* Celebratory Potluck by the Vegetarian and Vegan Society featuring a 'Queer Quiz', plus much more. Look out for the events around campus and online here.

On the day, we will also be launching our Bye Biphobia Campaign to help bring awareness to the discrimination that Bisexual* people face. Look out for our stall where we will be aiming to bring awareness to the different identities under the Bisexual* umbrella such as Pansexuality, Omnisexuality, Polysexuality, Queer, Fluid and many more! The aim will be to combat offensive and unfair sterotyping which Bi* people face as well as looking at Bi* erasure from history and the media. Come along to show your support and pick one of our Bisexual Awareness ribbons!

A variety of community groups will join us for the Community Marketplace from 10:30 - 3:30 outside the library at City Campus, providing information and guidance to any students who want more information and guidance to any students.

Kai will be hosting a Trans Awareness stall as part of their ongoing Trans Awareness campaigning, providing pronoun badges, an interactive activity for self-identity and a variety of leaflets and information packs that you can pick up if you are looking for more information on what it means to be Transgender.

A Gender Identity workshop will follow this at 16:00, covering the basics of gender identity, trans issues, pronouns and trans etiquette so that you can learn about the issues covered on the stall in more detail.

You may be wondering why Pride is such an important event. "It's quite simple really" says Kai, "As a trans person, I don't feel like I get enough representation. My voice is sometimes not heard, or is simply ignored because people think there are 'bigger issues' out there. Gender Identity and sexual orientation are no joke - they are not something light-hearted that can be brushed off and suicide rates in this country amongst trans people are appalling."

The point of today is to show fellow LGBTQ* identifying students and staff that they are welcome, safe and accepted within our Union and University. LGBTphobia is not acceptable within our Students' Union, and this is why we need Campus Pride; to remind everyone that we're visible and our voices matter.

If you would like any further information or you have any concerns please contact


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