What advice can I get from the Students’ Union Advice Service about money and student finance?

The Leeds Beckett Students’ Union Advice Service can advise you on many issues related to money and student finance including:

  • General issues with Student Funding (late loans, complaints, challenging decisions and change in circumstances.)
  • How to apply to the University’s Hardship Fund
  • Problems with Fees
  • Debt

I’m having problems with debt, what can I do?

If you are in debt we would recommend that you seek advice about your situation at the earliest opportunity. The advisers at the Leeds Beckett Students’ Union Advice Service can help you work out a budget, help you negotiate with creditors or negotiate with creditors on your behalf. If we are unable to assist you we can refer you to other support agencies.

Where can I get specialist advice about student funding?

The Student Money Advice team, based in the Rose Bowl, provides confidential specialist advice about student funding.

They advise students who are planning to study at Leeds Beckett as well as current Leeds Beckett students. They can help with advice about the financial implications of changing course, withdrawing or taking time out from study. They can help to ensure that students receive their full funding and welfare benefit entitlement.

You can also visit their website HERE for information on the following:

  • Funding for full-time students
  • Funding for part-time students
  • Funding for EU Students
  • Postgraduate Funding
  • Benefits and Tax Credits
  • Debt
  • Tax
  • Changing or leaving your course
  • Previous Study
  • Budgeting Tools and Tips

I’m in financial difficulties and want to know if there is extra financial support available.

The Money Support Team is responsible for administering funds that provide additional financial support for students.

Please ask at the Student Hub in the first instance.

They deal with applications for financial assistance from the Hardship Funds and other schemes such as the Additional Fee Support Scheme (AFSS) and Short Term Loans . They also approve US Direct Loans, Veteran Affairs (GI Funding) and Private Loans for US Students.

They are available to answer questions relating to the funds and also general questions about statutory funding such as student loans and tuition fees.

You can contact the Money Advice Line on 0113 812 5593. 10am-1pm on Tuesday & Thursday and Wednesday 1.30pm-3.30pm. Calls to the advice line are limited to 15 minutes, but an appointment can be arranged with an adviser if more time is needed.

Money Support is offering assistance with accommodation deposits for new full-time undergraduate students, please click on the link below to find details.

The Team: Anne Leavy, Ben Greaves and Robert Kasadha.

Email: moneysupport@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

Address: Rose Bowl, Room 148, Portland Crescent, LS1 3HB

Visit http://www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/studenthub/money-advice.htm for more information.

I need some tips on budgeting

You can find a whole host of Budgeting Tools and Tips on the Leeds Beckett Money Advice Team website HERE

I’m thinking of changing/leaving my course/taking time out, how will this impact on my finances?

If you are thinking about:

  • Transferring to a different course
  • Taking time out from your studies (suspending study)
  • Repeating a year of study
  • Converting to a part-time course from a full-time course
  • Withdrawing from your course altogether

First seek advice because the choices that you make will have financial implications and could affect your present and future funding.



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