What’s the problem?

I have been invited to attend a Fitness to Practise meeting.

What can we do to help?

On making contact with the Students’ Union Advice Service, we will:

  • Discuss the details of your case and any concerns.
  • Explain the  procedure and the format of the hearing or meeting
  • Support you to prepare for the meeting, including preparing any response to the allegation.
  • Advise you on what evidence you might be able to obtain to help your case and any witness statements where appropriate. 
  • Explain the possible outcomes and the implications.
  • If an Adviser is available, they can attend the meeting with you.
  • Refer the you to any other Support Services as necessary.

For related information visit It's Your Rep On The Line.

How can you contact us for advice?

Email: You can email your query to us at suadvice@leedsbeckett.ac.uk and an Adviser will get back to you. Please try to give as much information as possible relating to your query when you email us.

Drop In to speak to an Adviser: You can call in to see an Adviser during our drop in hours either at City or Headingley Campus. You can find our drop in times here.

Phone to speak to an Adviser: If we have no Advisers available to take your call our reception will take some details from you and pass your information on to us and we will get back in contact with you. If we are unable to get through to you on the phone we will send you an email to let you know we have been unable to get through. If you have provided reception with details relating to your query, we can also send you information that might help. Our number will come up as withheld so keep this in mind when you are waiting for a call back.

Book an Appointment with an Adviser: We have a number of appointments throughout the week at both City and Headingley Campus’ you just need to call 0113 812 8400 and ask to book an appointment with an Adviser and reception will be able to see if there are any at a time that suits you. If not, then they will recommend one of the other ways of contacting us.

Case Study

The student’s problem: 

The student was on a professionally accredited course and had failed to declare a criminal conviction she had (related to a motoring offence) on her DBS (Disclosure and Barring service) form. The student had been involved in an incident where she had a collision with another car, but had no insurance and had failed to stop and provide details at the time.

The course contacted the student to attend a Local Resolution fitness to practice meeting to discuss the conviction and why she hadn’t declared the offences on her DBS form. 

Advice given:

The adviser explained the University’s fitness to practice procedures, and the different stages under which the University might consider issues that have been raised. The student had been invited to attend a first stage meeting to establish the facts in order to make a decision on what further action might be required, or whether the issue merited being heard at a more formal hearing.

The adviser provided guidance to the student on writing a reflective statement about the events and the reasons why they had taken the actions they had. The student was advised to include any information relating to any mitigating factors that may have affected their judgment at the time.

The outcome:

The student attended the Informal Resolution Meeting with an adviser, and explained her actions and answered questions about what she had written in her reflective statement. 

The outcome of the meeting was the student needed to submit a further and fuller reflective statement onto University partners who would be providing a placement setting for the student on the course, so that they could then make a judgement on whether they would be prepared to accept the student on a placement.
Subject to her reflective statement being satisfactory to the external providers, the University agreed that they would then left the student’s current suspension from the course in order to allow her to resume her studies.

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